Gary J. Redekop, BSc MD MSc FRCSC

Dr. Gary J. Redekop

Dr. Gary J. Redekop

Associate Professor
Head, Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia
Head, Department of Surgery, Vancouver General Hospital 

C.N. Woodward Chair in Surgery


Academic Office Address:
11th Floor, 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9

Phone: 604.875.4111 ext 23121

Clinical Office Address:
Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
8113 – 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9

Phone: 604.875.5235
Fax: 604.875.5280


Dr. Redekop received his MD from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and completed neurosurgical residency and fellowship training in cerebrovascular surgery in the Division of Neurosurgery at UWO. He completed graduate studies in the molecular biology of growth factors and angiogenesis, and then fellowship training in Interventional Neuroradiology at the University of Toronto.

He has worked in close collaboration with colleagues in surgery, anesthesia, radiology, and neurology to develop a multidisciplinary service integrating microvascular and endovascular approaches to cerebrovascular disease. His clinical practice also includes the surgical treatment of epilepsy.

Clinical Interests

  1. Surgical treatment of intra- and extra-cranial cerebrovascular disease, especially in the management of cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations
  2. Carotid surgery
  3. Epilepsy surgery

Research Interests

  1. Clinical trials in stroke and cerebrovascular disease

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