Victoria General Hospital

The Victoria General Hospital Division of Neurosurgery provides an excellent range of clinical neurosurgery. The case volume is about 1000 cases per year, 40% of which are cranial, 55% spine and 5% peripheral nerve and miscellaneous. The service manages all surgical cranial disorders as well as 95% of the spinal problems for the whole of Vancouver Island. Residents become particularly familiar with the management of patients with spinal trauma, including operative indications. Exposure to minimally invasive surgery for discectomy, fusion and fracture as well as kyphoplasty will be significant.

The facility is a tertiary care, housing the only Neuroscience service for the entire Vancouver Island. Adjunctive technologies in the operating room include frame-based (CRW) and frameless stereotaxy (Stealth, fluoronav), neuro monitoring (MEP, EMG), and intraoperative fluorescence angiography. There is ample opportunity for clinical projects from high volume of cases.