Motor Disorders & Spasticity Program

Children and Women’s Health Center has developed over the years a comprehensive program for the management of children with motor disorders causing increased tone in the limbs. This program is recognized internationally as a center of excellence in the management of children with hypertonic cerebral palsy.

Dr. Steinbok is the neurosurgeon in this program. There is a large team, comprising developmental pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, a neurophysiologist, neurophysiology technologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthotists and nurses, who work together to optimize the management of these children. The program offers a variety of treatment modalities including botulinum toxin, intrathecal baclofen, selective dorsal rhizotomy, and orthopedic surgeries. A state of the art 3D gait laboratory is available for assessments.

The management of the individual child is integrated within the program, but different aspects of the program are directed by different members of the team. For example, the rhizotomy program is directed by Dr. Steinbok, neurosurgeon, the intrathecal baclofen program by Dr. Esias Van Rensburg, developmental pediatrician, and the botulinum toxin program and gait lab by Dr. Rick Beauchamp, orthopedic surgeon.