Message from Division Head

Welcome to Neurosurgery at the University of British Columbia.

We have 35 clinical faculty supporting eight major hospitals across British Columbia. Our division is built upon the three pillars of clinical excellence, education and research. We strive to provide outstanding clinical care for our patients and offer the full spectrum of advanced neurosurgical treatments. Our faculty has also been recognized for their excellence in teaching. Dr. Serge Makarenko received the 2021 Dr. H.R. Robertson Award for outstanding teaching of undergraduates within the Department of Surgery. It is my personal vision to expand the research activities and productivity of our division. In the last five years, our team has discovered two new diseases (HELPS and VANCOUVER syndromes) and initiated a new field of research into the neurosurgical treatment of vocal disorders. I hope to provide the infrastructure that will allow advanced research into additional neurosurgical conditions.

Christopher Honey, Head, Division of Neurosurgery, UBC