Neurosurgery Education

Dr. David Fairholm, an alumni of the UBC Neurosurgery program and Clinical Professor of the Division of Neurosurgery is an international Clinical Education Advisor. Internationally, Dr. Fairholm has been influential in establishing a broad range of clinical education programs and reform initiatives:

  • In Taiwan he established a Neurosurgical service and Training Program at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, which remains intact today and has trained more than 65 neurosurgeons over the past 20 years.
  • In Indonesia he has guided and developed neurosurgical and undergraduate education, revised training programs, reform of national certification examinations and development of an accreditation process.
  • Currently, Dr. Fairholm is Executive Dean at Pelita Harapan University where he is providing advisory services in clinical education reform and administration.
  • Earlier in his career he practiced international village medicine and surgery in Northern India.

Dr. Fairholm has been engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate surgical education for nearly 32 years including serving as the Faculty of Medicine’s Assistant Dean, Faculty Development when problem-based learning was first being implemented and as the Director of the Department of Surgery’s postgraduate surgical education. He also served as a member on key curriculum and strategic committees responsible for reforming the Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate curriculum.

Dr. Fairholm is also a member of the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery and held the position of Secretary to the Board for eight years. He is a member of the Branch for International Surgery’s Advisory Committee and serves on the Branch’s Research Awards and Curriculum Committees.