David A Omahen, MD FRCSC

Clinical Instructor

Active Staff, Chief of Surgery at the Kelowna General Hospital


Clinical Office Address:
303-3320 Richter St.
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4V5

Phone: 250-763-7241
Fax: 250-763-2912

Email: David.Omahen@interiorhealth.ca


After completing his BSc. in Honours Biochemistry at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Omahen received his MD (cum laude) from the University of Ottawa. He completed his residency in neurological surgery at the University of Alberta. During this time he was engaged in research on the role of eicosanoid metabolism in glial tumours. He went on to complete a fellowship in neuro-oncology and skull base surgery at the University of Toronto, under the tutelage of Drs. Fred Gentili, Abhigit Guha, and Mark Bernstein. This was followed by a one year fellowship with Dr. Stephen Hentschel in Victoria.

Dr. Omahen has worked in North Vancouver and Foothills Hospital in Calgary, prior to taking up his current position in Kamloops, BC. He is currently a neurosurgeon and Chief of Surgery at the Royal Inland Hospital.


  1. Brain and pituitary tumours
  2. Awake craniotomy/intraoperative cortical mapping
  3. Disorders of cranial nerves
  4. Molecular biology of brain tumours
  5. General neurosurgery
  6. History of neurosurgery