Vacation & Leave

Division Policy

Leave policy is guided by the UBC postgraduate policy on leave. All residents must request vacation time in writing, from the Program Director on whose service they will be rotating when they wish to take the vacation, and also must notify the Neurosurgery secretary of their planned holidays. This allows the Neurosurgery secretary to check for any conflict in dates, i.e. that others are not away at the same time, and to ensure appropriate coverage. The approved vacation dates are kept up to date on the Call Schedule, as well as in the Divisional files. The approval is the responsibility of the Neurosurgery Program Director only for on-service residents, after he is advised of the coverage on the ward at the time of the vacation request.

It is important that the Division of Neurosurgery is kept aware of the dates of vacation time as well as the total vacation time taken by each resident, regardless of what service the resident is on at the time of the vacation. It is also important that we be aware of conference leave taken by each resident. Residents are required to advise the Neurosurgery secretary in writing of all vacation and conference time taken.

Reasonable leave is granted for each resident for either Christmas or New Year’s, assuming appropriate coverage, usually 5 days.

Surgical Service (PAR-BC article)

  • 5.1 Seniors shall have priority in holiday requests over more junior residents (i.e. R4s over R2s); otherwise, ‘first-come, first-served’ prevails.
  • 5.3. If a resident is on call on a statutory holiday, they will be entitled to a day off to make up for it, and this MUST BE ARRANGED WITH THE SERVICE THE RESIDENT IS ON AT THE TIME (PAR-BC: 12.02).

PAR-BC Article 14 – Vacation Leave

  • All residents are granted vacation according to the policy as laid down by the PAR-BC
    • 4 weeks holiday (20 working days per year)
    • Up to two consecutive weeks of this can be taken as a block

Scheduling of vacations shall be determined by the Program or Educational Director in accordance with operational and educational requirements. Residents will submit their requests to the Program or Educational Director in writing. The approval of the vacation request shall not be unreasonably withheld taking into consideration the operational and educational requirements of the program. Subject to operational requirements, every effort will be made to permit a Resident at least his/her second or third choice for his/her vacation period.

Under Article 12.04 it is stated that every resident shall be entitled to at least five (5) consecutive days off during the 12 day period that encompasses Christmas, New Year’s Day and two full weekends. Those 5 days are to account for the three (3) statutory holidays, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and two (2) weekend days.

Residents are eligible for additional pay when they work on a statutory holiday as defined in the HEABC/PARBC Collective agreement (Article 12). You can inform to Neurosurgery secretary to request Stat Holiday Pay to Dean’s office.

Conference Leave

Conference leave must be approved by the Program Director, and requested a minimum of three months in advance. Further policy issues on vacation and leave are laid out on the PAR-BC agreement.

Off-service Residents

Off service residents will require to apply for vacation leave 3-months in advance before their rotation start, if not enough notice in advance, they will decline their applications.
Only one week will be granted on a 1 block (4-week) rotation. Maximum of two-week vacation will be given for a two month block (8 weeks). These must be taken consecutively. For off service residents on the VGH Neurosurgery service, the Chief Resident can approve vacations on behalf of the Program Director.