Research Responsibilities

It is expected that a resident will prepare a minimum of one paper in each year of his training. This work should be of a standard and quality for presentation at a meeting. The residents will be fully supported to attend an educational meeting under the following guidelines:

  • That they prepare and present a paper.
  • That the paper has as a co-author one of the neurosurgical attending staff.
  • That there is an intent to publish the paper
  • That the presentation of the paper will be supported only once
  • That they are expected to attend as many academic sessions as they can while at meetings
  • They are expected to attend social activities in order to meet and get to know some of the senior and accomplished participants.

During the Resident Research Day PGY2-6 residents are required to present a paper based on their original research.

When a visiting professor presents at Resident Research Day, each resident has an opportunity to present their research, inviting comments and suggestions from the visiting professor. The residents have lunch with the visiting professor, followed by a teaching session in the afternoon. Dinner is organized in the evening where the “Best Paper Prize” is presented to the deserving resident by the visiting professor. This event occurs in the Fall.

B.C. Neurosciences Day is a forum at which faculty from the B.C. Neuroscience community present in the morning along with an invited professor/Keynote speaker alternating between Neurosurgery and Neurology on a yearly basis. The residents are encouraged to submit a paper based on their original research, and the best neurosurgery and neurology resident papers are presented in the afternoon. It is a full day of academic learning activity. This event occurs in the Spring.