William Wei-Guo Jia, MSc PhD

  • Associate Professor, Neurosurgery (Research)

    Dr. William W. Jia

  • Senior Scientist, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, UBC
  • Associate Member, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC
  • Associate Member, Ophthalmology, UBC


Brain Research Centre
2211 Wesbrook Mall  M42A, Purdy Pavilion
Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5

Phone: 604.822.0728
Fax: 604.822.0361
Email: w.jia@ubc.ca


Dr. Jia had his PhD in 1991 at University of British Columbia (UBC) in molecular neurosciences. He has been an associate professor since 1999 at UBC and an associate scientist of BC Cancer Research Centre. He has been a conjunct professor of Fudan University, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and the VP (research) for Shanghai Innovative Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SIRC-TCM).

Dr. Jia was the first in Canada and the first few scientists in the world using human Herpes simplex virus to treat cancer, which pioneered the field of oncolytic virotherapy for cancer treatment. One gene therapy drug for malignant gliomas developed by Dr. Jia has completed a phase I clinical trial in China. His most recent contribution is to raise the concept of transcription and translation dual regulated (TTDR) oncolytic viruses for cancer treatment. Unlike deletion mutants that are usually attenuated in viral replication, the TTDR virus remains its aggressiveness in tumor cells but still extremely safe.

In the past years, Dr. Jia has received many awards and research funds. Since 1997, he has been a Scholar of Canadian Institute of Health Research. He was received Petro Canada Young Inventors award in 2007.

Research Interests

  1. Brain tumor
  2. Oncolytic virotherapy
  3. Virus mediated genetherapy
  4. Degenerative neurological diseases
  5. Drug discovery from natural products

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