Statutory Holidays

Under Article 12.04 it is stated that every resident shall be entitled to at least five (5) consecutive days off during the 12 day period that encompasses Christmas, New Year’s Day and two full weekends. Those 5 days are to account for the three (3) statutory holidays, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and two (2) weekend days.

After a STAT day has been worked, residents must report the STAT day to the neurosurgery secretary. The secretary submits a Request for Stat Holiday Pay form to the Dean’s Office. The statutory pay will be included in your biweekly paycheque. It takes approximately four weeks for the pay to be processed.

Late submission means that your pay will be delayed, as your request for STAT pay may not be processes until the pay period comes around.

The most asked question is whether Residents receive stat pay for working on the lieu day. A lieu day is an alternate day taken off work to make up for a stat day. Typically, the Monday immediately following the stat is taken as the lieu day. It is not a stat day itself, and will not result in additional pay.

All Residents are entitled to either the stat day off or an alternate day off (lieu day). Although it is common to take the Monday as the lieu day, Article 12 of the collective agreement states that it is to be taken at a time chosen by mutual agreement between the program and the resident.