Payroll Information

The payroll department of VCH processes Resident payroll, acting as the central paying agency for all Residents, regardless of their working location. The following Payroll definitions and procedures have been assembled in order to answer many frequently asked Payroll questions.

Payroll Pay Periods

Although Residents aren’t paid an hourly wage, their salary is represented on their pay stub as a daily rate of 7.5 hours, which is 75 hours for a full two week pay period. Residents are paid every two weeks, with pay day being one week after the last day of a pay period. The first pay period that includes time worked in the new academic year – June 26th to July 9th – will be paid on July 17th. This means that for new Residents, this first pay day will not be for a full two week period.

On-call and Chief Allowances

Residents may not see on-call, meal, or chief allowances on their July 17th pay stub. This delay in payment can occur every July and January, as on-call information is gathered from the program offices, compiled, and then submitted to Payroll for processing. Any allowances not paid in this period will be paid retroactively on a future pay day. The monthly on-call allowance is made in two payments each month. This results in 24 payments per year. Since there are 26 pay days per year, 2 pay days have no allowances. The first of these will occur on November 6th pay day. We will send reminders to the program offices when these pay days occur.

Chief allowances are paid monthly. If the chief position is shared between two residents, the chief allowance will be paid every second month (ie, August, October, December, February, April, and June). If a program has a number of chiefs per year, the allowance will be paid out according to the months designated by the respective program office.

Pay stubs

As the central paying agency for all Residents, Payroll distributes pay stubs according to information provided by the program offices to the Dean’s Office.

Residents working at Vancouver Hospital, BC Women’s, BC Children’s, Royal Columbian, St. Paul’s, and Victoria will have their pay stubs sent to the hospital site for the months that they are working at that site. Payroll will not mail pay stubs to Residents’ homes unless they are located outside of these locations. If Residents believe that pay stubs are being delivered to the wrong location based on incorrect rotation information, they should contact their program office for clarification.

Payroll’s designated drop-off locations:
Vancouver General Hospital: Mailroom, 1st floor, Centennial Pavilion

Payroll Enquiries

Phone: 1-888-875-4747
Be sure to inform them that this is an inquiry regarding a medical resident, as different rules apply to different employee groups

Parking Passes to on-call residents in the VGH

Parking passes for on-call Residents, enable them to park (free) in the VGH Courtyard between 5pm and 8am, and on weekends. The Residents need to contact Abdul Pirbhai and arrange a time to stop by the parking office to fill out a parking application and take receipt of their pass. The application is needed so we are able to keep track of who is using the passes, vehicle info, etc.

Call Abdul Pirbhai: 604-4147-6545, between 7am and 3pm to arrange a time they can meet him and pick up.


All benefit inquiries and forms can be addressed to the Records and Benefits Office of Employee Engagement at 1- 866-875-5306.

Maternity and Parental Leaves

Residents planning to take a maternity leaves should note of the following:

  • Contact the program assistant once you have a start date so that a change form can be generated to Deans office
  • Contact the VCH Employee Engagement Office at 1-866-875-5306 to get your Record of Employment (ROE).
  • Information regarding Employment Insurance (EI) during leaves can be found at the Service Canada Website
  • Refer to UBC Pregnancy in Residency policies 

Personal Leaves and extended Sick Leaves

Please inform the program assistant regarding all leaves. This information is essential to determine completion date of training. Also refer to the UBC Leave of Absence Policy

Contacts at Deans Office

If Residents wish to contact the Deans office, please contact:

Dr. Ravi Sidhu / Dr. Elisabet Joa
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
11th Floor – 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 1M9

Tel 604 875 4834; Fax 604 875 4847