Education Funds

The Division of Neurosurgery will cover the travel expenses for residents to attend the following mandatory education events:

  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course
  • Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) Course
  • Toronto Microsurgical Course
  • Calgary Spine an Peripheral nerve course
  • PGY-1 Rookie Camp
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course is required before CRASH block for PGY1, but renewal is not mandatory

Supplementary Policies

Once per year full support of individual residents for presentation of a particular paper at a meeting within the continental North America.

For international meetings – 50% funding for papers being presented upon approval.
For exceptional papers, support for additional presentations will be considered. Prior approval is required.

All resident projects must acknowledge their origin at The University of British Columbia and must have a staff person at The University of British Columbia as an associate investigator and co-author.

Support for presentations at meetings must involve the presentation of a paper or abstract not previously presented, except under the most exceptional of circumstances which would require prior approval, before an undertaking of funding. A copy of the abstract approved for presentation should accompany the request for approval.

Residents submitting a paper to a particular meeting must give due notice well ahead of time of his/her intent to submit a paper to a particular meeting, and give some idea of the anticipated total cost, if the paper is accepted.

Residents are encouraged to take courses at meetings that are relevant to the practice of neurosurgery and appropriate for their level of training. A request for registering at these meetings with the costs involved must be submitted for approval if reimbursement is expected.

With the approval of the Program Director and/or Division Head, and providing appropriate coverage for the service can be arranged, residents may elect to attend a meeting at which they have neither a platform nor poster presentation. Expenses for these are expected to be met entirely by the resident under these circumstances, except for the senior resident in his/her last year who is entitled to an all expenses paid North American meeting of his/her choice.

It is a requirement that a platform presentation, given at a meeting, be presented at a local forum here in Vancouver to an appropriate audience, and poster presentations be put up for viewing immediately after the meeting at which it was presented at some conspicuous spot in the Division of Neurosurgery areas, such as on the ward.