Clinical and basic science research interests include brain tumor gene therapy, neuro-modulations and interventional therapies for cerebrovascular disease. Potential alliances are available with the rapidly developing basic sciences at the Brain Research Centre and the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (iCORD). A compresehensive list of the publications by our faculty can be accessed via the PubMed link provided on their respective profile page (refer to the “Faculty” page)

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Current Opportunities

Dr. Ryojo Akagami

  • Hearing preservation in large >3cm acoustic neuromas
  • Radiosurgery for growing acoustic neuromas vs the natural history of growing acoustic neuromas
  • QOL in petroclival meningiomas/complex skull base approaches
  • Acoustic neuromas and Herpes virus.
  • Transexamic acid in skull base surgery
  • Radiation for pituitary tumors

Dr. Douglas D. Cochrane

  • The determinants of health in children with hydrocephalus
  • Surgical safety and team behaviors
  • The use and benefits of NSQIP in BC
  • Large scale change in health care in BC
  • Professional accountability

Dr. Christopher R. Honey

  • Ongoing prospective trials on the effect of deep brain stimulation (DBS) on movement disorders, mood, and pain.

Dr. William Jia

  • Gene therapy using various viral vectors for brain cancer and other diseases of the nervous system
  • Molecular biology, virology, neurophysiology, animal surgery, immunohistochemistry

Dr. Paul Steinbok

  • Review of the long-term outcomes after selective dorsal rhizotomies
  • Occult tethered cord syndrome in children – randomized clinical trial
  • Longterm outcomes of infants diagnosed with sagittal and metopic synostosis
  • Outcome of newborns with myelomeningocele and stridor at birth
  • Survey of management patterns of spinal and posterior fossa pseudomeningoceles
  • Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the skull – a prospective study
  • Neuropathology of non-lesional cortical resections for epilepsy
  • Bony regrowth after foramen magnum decompression in children