Message from Division Head

Dr. Toyota Profile PictureThe UBC Division of Neurosurgery has robust plans for the future. We are dedicated to improving the science of neurosurgery, establishing excellence in neurosurgical/neurosciences education and forging grounds in International neurosurgical care and support. In essence this is an agenda for improving patient care, which I maintain is the substance of Academic Medicine.

I believe the infrastructure of neurosurgery in BC must coalesce and work in a harmonized and collaborative system of health care. There are 7 sites delivering neurosurgical care in BC (including Children’s Hospital) and each provides unique care profiles. It is my goal to galvanize these units into a unified front- acting in coordinated fashion to achieve excellence in care delivery and fulfilling a provincial academic agenda.

There is a great need for expanded neurosurgical resources, and work is underway to establish more neurosurgical units in the province. This will greatly enhance patient care, reduce surgical waitlists and provide a more rationale means of utilizing resources.

Neurosurgical education is a foundation of our Academic Unit. Our residency program is a proud segment of our portfolio.   Our residents graduate as excellent technical and clinical neurosurgeons, with enhanced ability to contribute to the science of the profession. We have a long history of successfully placing neurosurgeons across Canada and the United States. Our focus in the near future is to expand on the current legacy of international education and aide at the University of British Columbia.

Neurosurgery is a highly technical specialty, and improvements in surgical care are beneficiaries of the constant wave of technical advance. As an Academic Division we are continually evaluating new technology and strategically place ourselves at the fore-front of introducing new treatment and diagnostic modalities.

The Division of Neurosurgery at UBC is conscientious of its place in the greater umbrella and mandate of the University and Ministry of Health. We are dedicated to not only maintain standards of excellence but to elevate them. We are in continuous upward flux in every realm of Academia. We are committed to continually improve the profession of neurosurgery – and towards this end, BC will experience excellence in care unparalleled elsewhere.

Brian D. Toyota, MD CM MSc FRCSC