Medical Students

University of British Columbia Medical Students

UBC Pre-clerkship medical students who wish to arrange an observership with one of our neurosurgeons should contact Ms. Sachiyo Kaneko for availability and further information.

UBC Third year clinical clerks may arrange a neurosurgery elective as:

  • an option for their 2-week selective during their surgery rotation, which must be coordinated through the Depatment of Surgery and/or
  • an option for their 2-week third year elective, which must be coordinated through the Faculty of Medicine.

UBC Fourth year clinical clerks can arrange a 2 or 4 week neurosurgery elective through the one-45 elective scheduling system.

Visiting Medical Students

All visiting student electives are coordinated centrally by the UBC Faculty of Medicine Visiting Elective Program. Once successfully placed, the Division of Neurosurgery will contact the student with further details on the rotation requirements and schedule.

You may apply online below, after you have already familiarized yourself with the eligibility criteria, application process and list of available electives.


The Visiting Student Match

To place students into electives, a web-based system is used in which two “matches” are executed per year.  An algorithm will ensure that students are matched to available spots based on the date payment is received and on how choices are ranked.  The first match occurs generally in April and includes electives occurring Sept-Dec. The second match occurs in July and includes electives occurring Jan-Mar. Applications received prior to the designated ‘match day(s)’ are kept in queue and feedback on capacity cannot be provided until after the match(es) have run. Applications are kept on hold prior to the matches to accommodate UBC students scheduling their electives. The placement process will begin immediately for applications received after the matches, including electives April-Aug, as UBC students have already been placed and the Visiting Student Match(es) have run. For these applicants, we can provide feedback on live, current capacity. Regardless of when the elective takes place, students are strongly recommended to apply as early as permitted.

  • Students studying in Canadian medical schools may apply 9 months in advance of the commencement of the elective
  • Students studying in Non-Canadian medical schools may apply 7 months in advance of the commencement of the elective
  • All applications must be received at least 4 months in advance to the commencement of the elective

Match / Placement Results

Students whose applications were included in a match will receive the results of their elective requests via email shortly after the match is run. Should applicant’s original elective choices be fully subscribed, several opportunities will be given to provide alternative choices based on current capacity reports.  The same opportunity will be provided for students who apply after the match(s).

  • Matching for electives between September – December is done in April
  • Matching for electives between January – March is done in July (of the previous year)
  • Placement for electives between April – August is done as the applications are received

Timeline for Confirmation

We are committed to try to confirm each student’s elective as soon as possible. However, the timeline in which you are confirmed is subject to variables such:

  • If the original application choices provided have capacity
  • the speed in which a clinical department/preceptor provides confirmation of availability

Mechanisms are in place to provide reminders to departments and to provide regular updates to students. Please refer to our 2 month Placement Policy under Policies & Procedures for information

Confirmation Process

  • Electives are not confirmed until the student has received notification from the Visiting Student Office. Written OR verbal confirmation from a clinical department or preceptor will not elicit an UBC elective.
  • An official confirmation letter will be sent from the Visiting Student Office which includes basic information pertaining to your elective (location, dates, department etc.). Attached to the letter will be important instructions regarding temporary licensure and
  • Closer to the start date of your elective, you will receive reporting instructions via email from Ms. Kaneko.