Travel Expense Guidelines

The Division of Neurosurgery will cover:

  • A single economy return air fare to the meeting site.
  • Ground transport from the airport to and from the hotel.
  • Hotel coverage paid at the most economical room rate offered, and where possible that residents should double up, to again help preserve the funding resource.
  • Cost of meals: travelers may be reimbursed for the cost of meals either by submitting receipts for actual meal costs claimed should not be in excess of the per diem rates.
Travel within Canada (per day)
Breakfast $14.00
Lunch $16.00
Dinner $30.00
Total = $60.00 / day (CDN)
Travel within United States (per day)
Breakfast $14.00 (USD)
Lunch $16.00 (USD)
Dinner $30.00 (USD)
Total = $60.00 / day (USD)
Travel outside of Canada and the United States (per day)
Breakfast $14.00 (US) or (Euro)
Lunch $16.00 (US) or (Euro)
Dinner $30.00 (US) or (Euro)
Total = $60.00 / day (US) or (Euro)

Original detailed receipts are required to support a claim. UBC will not accept any travel agency invoices, cancelled cheques, photocopies or credit card statement.  If original receipts are not available a missing receipt memo must be included.

Exchange rate expenses can be claimed through submission of a credit card statement listing the cost of purchases in Canadian dollars or through the average exchange rate on the trip duration by the on-line UBC Finance requisition system will be used.

Community Rotation

The Post Graduate office is required to house/reimburse mandated scheduled resident rotations (but not elective rotations requested by residents). Residents have to pay monthly rental fees, and submit their receipts for rental and travel for reimbursement.

Faculty of Medicine Reimbursement Policy

  • Should a resident be required to commute to mandatory rotation where the mileage is greater than 40km one way, the resident will be reimbursed at the rate of $0.50/km. For example, within Vancouver, using Vancouver General Hospital as the home base, locations within the 40km radius include Lions Gate Hospital to the North; Richmond General, Delta Hospital, Surrey Memorial to the South; Burnaby General, Royal Columbian, Riverview and Eagle Ridge to the East.
  • Locations out side the boundary include: Peace Arch to the South; and Ridge Meadows, Langley, MSA and Mission to the East.
  • This policy applies to all Royal College residents doing rotations at all sited, including our distributed sites on Vancouver Island and Prince George.

Refer to UBC Travel Procedures Policy #83 and Faculty of Medicine Travel Expense Guidelines for comprehensive information.